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a world of learning at your fingertips

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a world of learning at your fingertips

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a world of learning at your fingertips

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iKen App Features

iKen App is an intuitive platform that makes learning fun and easy. With smart assessment tools, experiential learning and data support we make sure that you stay ahead at all times.

learn for lifetime

Learn for lifetime

Our engaging content with audio-visual aids and story-telling techniques makes study material relatable. You will be able to retain concepts longer, making it a part of your long-term memory.

Study at a click

Forget bulky notes, now you have access to learning tools anytime, anywhere. Enjoy a seamless learning journey from the comfort of your home.

Study at a click
learn for lifetime

Be your own examiner

With adaptive questions and progressive self-assessment tools you can track your own progress. We let you choose from prepared or customised tests and give you detailed feedback.

All boards on board

Our resources and text books have been mapped to CBSE, ICSE and state boards. Our master bank includes study material with engaging lessons from kindergarten to Class 12

All boards on board
learn for lifetime

Be a smart learner

Our smart analytics provide intuitive tips to sync your learning needs and guide your journey. We map your progress and provide you valuable insights to improve your learning curve.

Choose your speed

With our customised lessons and adaptive learning plans you can choose your own learning speed. No one gets left behind with iKen, your lessons are only an app away.

Choose your speed
learn for lifetime

Best of both worlds

With access to Live classes you get the full experience of a classroom from the comfort of home. You can interact with our subject experts and mentors to get the best of virtual and classroom teaching.

Gather your friends

Learning can be a game too, so challenge your friends to a healthy competition. We provide you a curated, collaborative, and comprehensive ecosystem.

Gather your friends
learn for lifetime

Just so easy!

iKen is a user friendly interface. It is an interactive platform that you can navigate on your own with ease and comfort.

Parents as partners

With iKen parents can stay up to date and track the progress of a student in real-time. They can also access smart analytics for better skill analysis.

Parents as partners

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Excellence in Integration of Holistic Development

for iKen Design & Technology Lab

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Words that matter

Jashwant Bhati Saraswat International, Academy

“I scored less in my SA1 exam, but after that I started using iKen Learning App. With the help of this amazing learning system, I got good scores in subjects like Social Science, Science and Mathematics in SA2 exam. Learning is a fun through Iken App.”

Khushi Desai Vallabh Ashram's M G M Amin & V N Savani School, Pardi

“iKen Learning App makes my chapters crystal Clear. Its very useful when I have any doubts. I spend daily just 20 min on it and I have made a special notebook for the MCQ questions given in the App for every subjects. I didn’t like science earlier, but after using iKen App, watching videos on various topics chapter wise, I am now comfortable with Science. Teachers are asking me, have you started going to tuitions, I answer them proudly and happily, no teacher – I have iKen learning App.”

Mishva Patel Upasana lions English Medium School, Vapi

“iKen learning App has helped me a lot learning at home in times when I was suffering from Chicken Pox and unable to go to school. Learning becomes easy with the help of the subject wise and chapter wise Videos, PDFs and Mindmaps. Also chapterwise test are available in the App, so that I can access also myself at the end of learning each chapter.”

Friends of iKen

Friends of iKen (FoI) are individuals or organisations who are partners of iKen promoting the use of iKen app in B2B2C mode. These are partners who are on field in their respective geography / territory, who approach Schools / Institutions / Individuals to sign up and use the iKen ecosystem.

friends of iken

iKen Mentor

If you are a tutor or a subject expert, you've come to the right place. At iKen we value the role of guides, teachers, and mentors and provide a rewarding platform through which they can assist thousands of students. Once registered, you become a part of our illustrious panel of mentors that students can reach out to for guidance and help.

Level up your school
to iKen School

With iKen school you can stand with your child in every step of their school journey. iKen school connects you to a holistic online education ecosystem where you can interact with the school easily, besides giving your child access to specialised learning content. Recommend your school to power up with iKen.

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