In every
step of their

in every step of their school journey

In every
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in every step of their school journey

iKen Community

At iken our philosophy is that learning is most effective when it is personalised, entertaining, voluntary, involving and fulfilling. Therefore it is our firm belief that education is about the community and its stake holders.

At iken we envisage creating such ecosystems starting from school as it is the primary source of teaching – learning in our society. Thereafter creating the supplementary tools and junctures for knowledge exchange within the Ecosystem.

iKen School Ecosystem

iKen is a revolutionary collaborative platform
that creates a unique digital school ecosystem
with connected classrooms, community and
communication. Equipped with an extensive
repository of adaptive learning tools and curated
content, it optimises expenditure and
maximizes learning.

A Hub of Communication,<br> Dialogue

A Hub of Communication,

iKen enables seamless communication as schools can send announcements and messages while students, parents or teachers can read, receive, respond in real-time wherever they are. Broadcasts, polls, and two-way communication open up through a secure interface, thereby building a community.

Connected Classrooms, Empowered Stakeholders

iKen’s connected classrooms not only empower teachers but also other stakeholders. The school gets full control over operations, students get the freedom to control the pace at which they learn and parents get to be partners in their child’s development.

Connected Classrooms, Empowered Stakeholders
Get Smart Reports, Actionable Inputs

Get Smart Reports, Actionable Inputs

With iKen the school transforms into a smart digital ecosystem driven by customised analytics. All stakeholders get comprehensive and curated reports on matters of their respective interests, be it fee collection, teacher engagement, student performance, or parent participation.

Easy Management,
Efficient Solutions

From transportation to attendance, assessment to planning, the app makes management easy and technology driven. Real-time and cost-effective operations such as tracking of buses, collection of fee, and marking of attendance, ensure that there is full coordination within different wings of the school setup.

Easy Management,<br> Efficient Solutions
Complete, Smooth Online Collaboration

Complete, Smooth Online Collaboration

The app facilitates effective collaboration and ease of use by helping schools to transition to digital modes. With iKen, schools can avail facilities like sharing assignments and notes, real-time chat, and Live classes, among others. This opens new vistas for the school, teachers, students as well as parents.

Accessible Content, Responsive System

iKen tools provides students quality and innovative content both in school and at home. All stakeholders also get 24*7 access to timetable, attendance, report cards, and worksheets. This is a uniquely responsive system that brings teachers, students, parents and schools to one platform where they can engage with ease.

Accessible Content, Responsive System

iKen Packages


Online Tutoring
Digital Content for Students
School Communication in App
Vehicle Tracking
And More...


Best ICT e-learning Content

for iKen Library

Wisitex Sikhsha Ratna (ICT)

for iKen School Ecosystem

Best Assessment Tool

for iKen Evaluate

Best Business of the Year

for Mexus Education

Excellence in Integration of Holistic Development

for iKen Design & Technology Lab

Best Teaching Pedagogy STEM education

for iKen Design & Technology Lab

Best Interactive Solutions

for iKen Activity Lab and iKen Learning Lab

YouTube Silver Creator Award

for iKen Edu










Words that matter

Anne Mary Gonsalves

Coast Guard Public School

“Digital Content and Seamless communication with parents and students helped me a lot during this pandemic to keep continue the Teaching – Learning process in my class.”

Karuna Agrawal

Upasana Lions English Medium School

“As Digital content is already available in student’s app so I don’t have to spare my time in making any sort of content for teaching while this pandemic, I just pass the information to child and that’s it.”

Asma Babwani

Modern English High School

“Very safe and secure school communication keeps me away from unwanted queries and hustles from parent’s side.”

Savitha Naik

Prajna Bharathi Vidyalaya

“No need to give reports to coordinator or HOD for Online teaching as everything is already present on their portal so, I just have to concentrate on my Teaching learning process.”

Friends of iKen

Friends of iKen (FoI) are individuals or organisations who are partners of iKen promoting the use of iKen app in B2B2C mode. These are partners who are on field in their respective geography / territory, who approach Schools / Institutions / Individuals to sign up and use the iKen ecosystem.

friends of iken

iKen Mentor

If you are a tutor or a subject expert, you've come to the right place. At iKen we value the role of guides, teachers, and mentors and provide a rewarding platform through which they can assist thousands of students. Once registered, you become a part of our illustrious panel of mentors that students can reach out to for guidance and help.

Adani Foundation
Saraswat International Academy
Shri L.G. Haria School
T.N. Rao School for Girls
Vallabh Ashram Schools
Aman English Medium School
Bai Rantanbai Jehangirji Pardiwala English Medium School
Sanjivani International School
Sanskar Bharti Vidhyalaya
Sanskartirth Gyanpeeth
Shree Krishna International School
Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul
Upasana Lions English Medium School
V.N. Godhani English School
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