iKen Brand Story

A pioneer in the field of education, iKen is a story of

innovation, collaboration
and transformation.

We began in 2008 with the
vision of making learning a fun and lifelong
. Over a decade later, our commitment to
the idea of edu-tainment has only become stronger.

Our Journey

iKen, a vertical of Mexus education, was the first in india to nurture the concept of edu-tainment and story based learning.
we envisioned a school ecosystem powered by information technology where management, teacher,student, and parents could be equal participants. with a massive team of experts from IITs, NIDs and other premium institutions, we worked to transformation study material and create student friendly digital curriculum. we brainstormed with schools across the country to understand their challenges and requirements as much as those the learners and parents.

Over the years, iken has designed path breaking ways to make learning experiential. We introduced tools to tune learning experiential. we introduced tools to tune learners to problem solving and solution finding. we used technology to assist schools and parents in resource planning and management. we also provided actionable data insights to teachers so that they could bridge the gap between classroom and home.

By creating solutions for both sides of the education equations-schools and students - we have emerged as the industry frontliners.

The Way Ahead

Our efforts have also led to the creation of a revolutionary collaborative platform that helps school embrace the digital transformation journey. this is where we converge real-time involvement of stakeholderswith convenience and parallel access. with this app. we resolve an array of problems related to administrations, access, distance, communication, study material and coordination.

Ours has been a rewarding journey-bringing joy to classrooms and transformation and transforming the learning process. We understand that each learner has a unique place, preference and performance. our wide range of audio-visual aids and machine learning tools ensure that no students is left behind. always a step ahead of our times, we are the only ones in the segment to provide a complete and self-sufficient digital school ecosystem.

We continue to explore ways to make the process of education easy, fun and organic. We ask over-selves each day how iKen can help shape citizens of tomorrow. Each answer is a part of our proud journey, our claim to a place in future.

Why iKen?

iKen is a unique collaborative mobile learning platform that brings joy of learning to classrooms and beyond. iKen connects schools, teachers, students, and parents, aiding seamless operation and communication.

Customised content

iken content has been created by specialist to cater to thr needs of each child's learning ability. we focus on individual learning journey and work to make it specal.

Live it & learn it

We bring live classes, 2D/3D story-based study material, audio-visual aids and progressive assessment tools that assist experiential learning.

On the & Go

We bring live classes, 2D/3D stoey-based study material, audio-visual aids and progressive assessment tools that assist experiential learning.

Safe & secure

Ours is a verified system that safeguards all data and ensures communication is secure.

Communication first

We connect all stakeholders on one platform with real time one-on-one chat between teachers, student and parents.

Digital assistant

Our platform acts as a virtual assistant for teachers by giving them actionable data points. Smart analytics make it easy to evalute and track progress of each student.

One stop Solution

iKen gives you a single platform to manage school, classroom and students, there by comprehensive digital school ecosystem.

Future ready

Our technology is in tune with the best and latest in the field and we continually strive to make education fun and organic

Device no bar

We are available on desktop,android and IOS device. you can download the iKen app from Google Play Store Apple Store.

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